Thursday, March 9, 2017

Independent, Dependent and Controlled Variables

                                                  My variables and what they do
       First, my independent variable is the surface.   An independent variable is the factor that changes in the experiment.   What this does is it changing where you run the robot.We predicted that the blacktop would take the longest because of  its friction. Our prediction was correct. Next, my dependent variable is the  speed and time.  A dependent variable is the measured/observed in the experiment.  We used the same run to make it the same,but it still took different depending on the surface. Last,is our controlled variable.  In this our controlled variables are the code, the robot and the I pad that we video taped with.  A controlled variable is the factors in the experiment that do not change.

                                                  by:Grace Dwyer

Thursday, January 26, 2017

sensabot challenge

The code can be simple or not. First, you get a move steering  motor block and make the wheel rotations should be 4 because only one wheel rotation will only move it 6 inches,so in all it it is 24 inches each line. If it seems hard to you watch the Lego videos on the Lego mind storms app.Next, you should get a medium motor block and the  wheel rotations  should be 0.25 and the power should be 50.Next,you do the same thing except -50 instead 50 because if you did that it would go down down instead of down up. After that, you do that 4 more times. Voila!The Sensabot challenge is done

                                        by; grace dwyer